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Invest for Future in Stable Platform and Make Fast Money

Invest in an Industry Leader, Professional, and Reliable Company. We provide you with the most necessary features that will make your experience better. Not only we guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.

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Investment Pricing

To make a solid investment, you have to know where you are investing. Find a plan which is best for you.


  • Return 6.00%
  • Every Day
  • For 30 Day
  • Total 180%
$400.00 - $999.00
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  • Return 7.00%
  • Every Day
  • For 60 Day
  • Total 420%
$1,000.00 - $9,999.00
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  • Return 8.00%
  • Every Day
  • For 90 Day
  • Total 720%
$10,000.00 - $49,999.00
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  • Return 10.00%
  • Every Day
  • For 180 Day
  • Total 1800%
$50,000.00 - $900,000.00
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Why Choose Strategy Crypto

Our goal is to provide our investors with a reliable source of high income, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service.

Legal Company

Our company conducts absolutely legal activities in the legal field. We are certified to operate investment business, we are legal and safe.

High reliability

We are trusted by a huge number of people. We are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.


Anonymity and using cryptocurrency as a payment instrument. In the era of electronic money – this is one of the most convenient ways of cooperation.

Quick Withdrawal

Our all retreats are treated spontaneously once requested. There are high maximum limits. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10 .

Referral Program

We are offering a certain level of referral income through our referral program. you can increase your income by simply refer a few people.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail and telegram. Our support representatives are periodically available to elucidate any difficulty.

Dedicated Server

We are using a dedicated server for the website which allows us exclusive use of the resources of the entire server.

SSL Secured

Comodo Essential-SSL Security encryption confirms that the presented content is genuine and legitimate.

DDOS Protection

We are using one of the most experienced, professional, and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.

Profit Calculator

You must know the calculation before investing in any plan, so you never make mistakes. Check the calculation and you will get as our calculator says.

How Strategy Crypto Works

Get involved in our tremendous platform and Invest. We will utilize your money and give you profit in your wallet automatically.


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What Users Say About Us

We are doing really good at this market and here are the words we loved to get from a few of our users.

I have invested with this platform and gotten my money in my account. This is legit and safe. Great doing business with them.

Priyanka Sighn
User from India

Legit....and legit. Although the payment was processed manually, I have received my first payment within a very short time., I think nice for invest at this site.

James Curtis
User From USA

Genuinely think they are the best in the crypto Game

Hannah Bettle
User From Austria

Saw the market was up so I reinvested again, great choice

David Barrett
User from England

They offer such and amazing bonus and deals

Sam Larry
User from England

Shoutout to Strategy Crypto for being my best investment platform so far

Usyk Aleksandr

The customer care was of great assistance. They helped every step of the way

Ladie Miller

Our Expert Team Members

We have a great team including developers, designers, and Traders. The Team always working hard to give you the maximum profit.


Callie Mcdowell


Marcia Weeks


Sage Bray

Marketing Head

Cyrus Briggs


Colette Mccarty

UX Expert

Alden Odom

SEO Expert

Tanek Gilmore

SEO Expert

Upton Blair


Our Latest Transaction

Here is the log of the most recent transactions including withdraw and deposit made by our users.

Name Date Amount Gateway
Ora Cloiui 2024-06-16 700 USD ETHEREUM DEPOSIT
Wenona Madalene 2024-06-16 7500 USD USDT DEPOSIT
Genna Dollison 2024-06-16 25000 USD BTC DEPOSIT
Travis Pasal 2024-06-15 35800 USD BTC DEPOSIT
Raphael Rush 2024-06-13 40450 USD USD BNB
Eve Hawkins 2024-05-26 10000 USD MoneyGram
Glenna Mcdowell 2024-06-12 80000 USD btc
Benjamin Santos 2024-05-28 12000 USD BTC
Name Date Amount Method
Raphael Rush 2024-06-08 50,900 USD USDT
Ruth Herman 2024-06-10 18000 USD BTC
Hilda Baird 2024-05-21 3500 USD USDT

Our Top Investors

Here are the investor leaders who have made the maximum investment with our system.

Travis Pasal
Investment - $35,800.00
Genna Dollison
Investment - $25,000.00
Wenona Madalene
Investment - $7,500.00
Ora Cloiui
Investment - $700.00

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This is a Revolutionary Money Making Platform! Invest for Future in Stable Platform and Make Fast Money. Not only we guarantee the fastest and the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.

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Payment We Accept

We accept all major cryptocurrencies and fiat payment methods to make your investment process easier with our platform.


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